Even more Cast Iron…

Decided to add one more item to our cast-iron implements, and one we have been lacking for a long time.  A tortilla press.

Cast iron tortilla press

Cast iron tortilla press

The one I chose is the “Victoria”, which is a product of “Imusa” and is 8″ in diameter.  There are aluminum varieties available – but that would go against my cast-iron “fetish”. 🙂

It is somewhat amazing to me that we didn’t already have one, but we do now.  Over the years, we have been kind of “spoiled” by Guerrero’s brand store-bought corn and flour tortillas, (we consider Guerrero’s to be the best available in our area) – and will probably continue to purchase them for normal use, (we eat a *lot* of homemade tacos and tostadas), but in the case of CORN tortillas what you buy in the store cannot compare with those that are freshly made using Masa Harina and water.

Patricia Mitchel wrote one of the best articles I have seen on this topic entitled “How to Make Corn Tortillas – Rolling Your Own“, and I see no need to try to improve on her article here, other than to mention the best “plastic” to use is simply that of a freezer bag cut apart with scissors for the purpose. 😉

Like all cookware made from cast iron, the press requires simple cleaning/brushing with the hottest water you can stand, followed by thorough drying, then covering with a light coat of oil (wipe excess with a paper towel) prior to storing.

This press will be used strictly for preparing fresh corn tortillas – not for flour tortillas which are best made by hand rolling with a rolling pin in my not-so humble opinion. 8)

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