Its Called Chili…

Friends can sure get a lot of work out of you with their “Suggestions”. 😀 Such a friend has mentioned to me several times that I should create a blog, (most recently he recommended using WordPress), to make my observations on Chili, and a little about life, more “public”.

The following is actually from something I posted on Septemeber 5th, 2007:

If you bring up any topic involving sex, politics, or religion – you are bound to get differences of opinion. If you want to have a real knock-down-drag-out FIGHT, just make the topic “Chili”.

From the “purists” in South Texas to those folks up in Cincinnati that make a thin chili-flavored “soup” and pour it over spaghetti – there are as many variants that share the name “CHILI” as there are towns in the USA.

This is an attempt to create a little blog to archive/share some of my personal thoughts on this most important concoction. Have posted a quite a few elsewhere over the past several years, so I have a pretty fair resource.  I will draw heavily upon all of those previous posts initially, then continue from there.


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