Expanding the blog…

I am slowly, but surely, getting comfortable with WordPress.  In doing so, I realized it could easily handle my interests in all of outdoor cooking.  The blog has since been renamed to reflect that broader interest and will slowly be reformatted and reorganized to display its content in a form that is just a bit easier to follow.

Dave’s Outdoor Cooking Blog is evolving.  You are welcome to peek over my shoulder, but it is primarily for family and friends.  When I was a lad, my old Grandpa let me stir a pot of Chili for him while we were camping. Although that was over 50 years ago, to this very day I can remember everything about that day – the environment, the smell of pine and chili – and my obvious love for my Grandpa. Last summer I had my Grandson flipping burgers/steaks/hot links on our BBQ. Building memories is important work for Grandpas.

Warm Regards,

Note: Since my last edit of this page – have started adding some Amateur Radio stuff too – HAM is another of my passions/hobbies.

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