Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I had a plan for today, but as predicted by the weather-guessers earlier this week, Mother Nature has disagreed and we are expecting a couple of inches of rain, with possible thunder storms and hail, here in the inland valleys of San Diego County. 🙁

What I wanted to do was an outdoor version, (Pondee-style), of the traditional Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner.  It would have involved using our Big Kahuna Burner and very large stainless steel stock pot to boil a 5-6 lb corned beef brisket for about 45 minutes, (with the spice pack and some extra garlic), which would serve two purposes. First, to create that wonderful broth to cook all of the veggies in, and secondly to remove the salt brine, (“corning” process, used to preserve beef when there was little/no refrigeration), from the beef brisket.  Basically, I would have been “restoring” the beef brisket for non-traditional preparation – which would have involved cooking it low and slow on the grill using indirect heat for about 45 minutes, wrapping in tightly in heavy duty aluminum foil after coating with BBQ sauce, then returning it to the indirect side of the grill. (That last part does an amazing job of tenderizing what otherwise would still be a bit of a “chewy” brisket).  At that point I would have re-lit the Big Kahuna Burner, and added quartered cabbage, about 6 potatoes, carrots and onions to the pot and simmered that for about 30 minutes or so, until all of the veggies were done.  Prepared that way, the whole meal comes together and is ready for slicing/presentation at the same time. (If you try this method, you will still want to remember to slice the brisket cross-grain as always).

What I will be doing instead, is preparing a huge, cast-iron Wok full of sliced Hillshire farms hot-links, onions, and cabbage diced down to about one inch. (Think fried sausage & cabbage, but done stir-fry style).  At the same time, and still on the stove top, I’ll be using a 3″ deep frying pan to prepare sliced Kielbasa sausage, onion and bell pepper, which is the favorite of one of our granddaughters and Heidi. 😎

One way or the other, life is still good around the old Pondee, but I’m looking forward to some cooperation out of Mother Nature after she gets this last winter storm out of her system. 😉

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