Giving away Jeff’s “secrets”…

Our Son-In-Law, Jeff, can grill a London Broil as well as any I’ve ever tasted – but recently we have noticed his end result is even more tender and tasty!  Heidi recently commented “this is as tender and juicy as as a Ribeye!”

He has only made a single change – otherwise the rub/sauce, preparation and presentation all remain the same.

His “secret”?  He has taken to wrapping each London Broil tightly in heavy duty aluminum foil and cooking it in that for all but the last 15 minutes of cooking time, (to get the sear marks on the meat).  That is IT – and the result is simply wonderful. 8)

(Guess I should admit, I got a bit sick just before New Years, and kind of stayed that way through January of the New Year.  2012 did NOT have a good start, but all better now and ready for another spring/summer of enjoying Outdoor Cooking!)…

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