Learning as you go…

One of the truly great things about this life is being able to learn from mistakes, (it only works if you pay attention though). 😉

We have had an unusually cold and wet early December this year around the old Pondee – breaking several all-time records.  As a result, I have been playing indoors after Heidi qualified me to operate the oven on her new gas range.  Have primarily focused on doing various things with, (several batches now), that bread dough which has continually resided in her refrigerator since I wrote the associated post on it – (or it did up until last night).  Artisan style loaves, free-form loaves, several more that looked like long French rolls, etc.  All fun, and all with pretty successful results – but not outdoor cooking.

Last night, the rain had let up so I made my first attempt at baking a loaf of Artisan bread on the new grill using my “Lazy Man’s Bread Dough“.  It turns out the propane section of the new grill is FAR more efficient than my old one and can easily generate temperatures that will incinerate parchment paper, bread dough, and I would imagine just about anything else – doing so in very short order.

Now that I have experienced the “crematorium effect”, (and done so in a very inexpensive manner), will be proceeding with due caution.   Grandpa always said “the good is in the trying”, and if I pay proper attention – things have always improved as the number of “tries” increased.  There is no reason to expect things to go any different as I learn the nuances of baking on the new grill. 🙂

By the way – I am *loving* that new grill! 8)

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