Why would I add a section on cooking meat “low and slow” when the trust of this blog is about Chili?

Low and slow goes along with Chili too and I’ll be tying it in with the rest of the blog under Chili | Meat…

I have it on good authority that all of the left over roast beef (literally roasted over a fire on a spit) from the cattle drive days was immediately made into range stew and chili by the camp cook. Huge difference in flavor kept the cowboys happy although they were still eating the same thing.

I’ve recently had occasion to take half of a whole smoked tri-tip roast (took almost 6 hours to smoke that sucker) – ran it through the hand meat grinder and tossed it into the “chili pot”, (which these days is really my huge cast iron wok). It was very tender meat and made great chili! NO leftovers and it was the same crowd that had just enjoyed it sliced and served with taters ‘n gravy the day before!

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