Happy Thanksgiving…

Mother Nature cut us a little slack around the old Pondee today and held off on the rain that had been threatening to pour on our Thanksgiving Day in predictions all week, (until late last evening when our local Meteorologist, John Coleman, informed us it would all blow right through San Diego County).  Sure enough – although very overcast with lots of black stuff, not a drop of rain fell.

Jeff got out early this morning and smoked several hams, including one in the charcoal section of the new hybrid grill, (which worked to perfection). He used indirect heat and the trick of making aluminum foil packets of damp wood chips then perforating the tops with a pen. The ham was shielded from direct heat by an aluminum pan and he used a digital thermometer with a long lead to determine when the correct internal temperature was reached.  We are REALLY going to love using the simple lever mechanism to control how close the coals set in relation to the grate/food.

Jeff and his family took a load of meat down to share in a big Thanksgiving dinner with his folks and their extended family, while Heidi and I enjoyed a very nice ham dinner (with all the trimmings) here at the Pondee with her Mom.  Yes, we truly do have a lot to give thanks for – and most of it has little to do with eating and/or outdoor cooking, but that growing skill set continues to support keeping everybody warm, fed and happy. 😉

We hope *all* of our friends and family enjoy a wonderful and safe Holiday weekend.  Heidi & -=dave=-

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