Random thoughts and plans…

We have just finished our first “heat wave”, (such as they are in SoCal), and while the rest of the Nation continues to combat a REAL heat wave, the temperatures here are back in the low 80s for the next week or so.  Time to get busy and re-start several of my projects placed on hold for a spell!

Solar:  Have just applied the first coat of gloss black paint to one of my (used) dish network antennas after completely prepping it for paint.  The gloss black will serve as a backing for some “Type B” self adhesive solar reflective material purchased earlier this year from GreenPowerScience.com to form the reflector for my Parabolic Solar Cooker project.  I continue to mentally “juggle” exactly how it will be mounted for ease of use in finding/holding the sun – but I have three shots at this to try different means of mounting.  Have already determined I will be using my largest cast iron tripod, with a grill suspended below it to create a separate frame for cooking pots & pans – this should minimize “splatter” on the reflective surface of the dish and result in easier maintenance.  I also will be trying Mr. Dan Rojas’ “Type A” material on one of the other dish antennas to compare their performance.

Another project on hold has to do with purchase of a new pressure cooker with associated utensils to start “canning” bottled meats and chili.  Bottled Chili?  Oh yeah, have a look at page 405 in the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving – then picture old Dave opening a jar of preserved Chili, a can of beans, and heating it up using his ASSC Solar Cooker.  (Funny how everything ties together and always comes back to Chili eh? Ayup, I am addicted! :D)..

I have several other projects in mind that will be shared as time goes on – but those are the two at the forefront of my mind this week.  Of course, if I blink my eyes more than three times, yet another project will be added. 8)

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