We Love Summertime!

While not “everything” has been cooked outdoors, we started off the month of July with a bang!

From the 1st to the 10th of July, 2011, we hosted our Son’s family of five, our Daughter’s family of five, plus Heidi’s Mom for many a dinner too.  Just for example, we have had smoked ribs and chicken, grilled burgers & dogs, polska kielbasa with onions & bell pepper, tacos, tostadas, and the other night I was up at 1 AM finishing cooking 8 quarts of chili. I contributed a big mess of “lazy man’s Spanish rice” and a batch of my Asian rice to the side dishes.  To round out our diet we had pizza and Chinese take-out on two evenings. 8)

Life is good around the old Pondee!

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