Chili using London Broil

Some time ago I cooked off a very large London Broil on the grill using the offset heat/smoke method one would use for good brisket or ribs. It turned out OK – but immediately decided I was going to get a pot of chili out of a little over half of it. Then, upon further reflection, decided to try it in my cast iron wok.

Started off pre-heating the cast iron wok (which is certainly seasoned well enough to handle the job). The meat is about 1 1/2 lbs of left over London Broil, with lots of garlic and LOTS of onion. Quite naturally, the first thing I opened was a can of beer to keep me refreshed while chopping/dicing everything up.

Used masa flour and refried beans, (plus a little more beer), to balance the consistency. Looks/tastes like a respectable mess of red.

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