Ugh – cold & flu season arrived…

Over this past week, most everybody around the old Pondee has been “hit” with some kind of bug.  Not pleasant, but nothing we haven’t been through time and again.

I have used the time to stay on top of my little on-line solar research project.  Unfortunately, was forced to miss two Meetups of the San Diego Solar Cooking Club. 🙁  It is a bit frustrating as there are so many neat little projects that are “on hold” until I am able to get back at them – but patience remains a virtue. 😉

Heidi discovered quite a few of those Anchor Hocking 4 quart bowls available from Walmart will still match up and form a good heat trap when one is inverted over the other.  Seems they are flawed exactly the same and all you have to do is rotate the top one until you find a “match”.

A side effect of my focus on Solar Cooking this year has been to become more energy conscious – and will be taking a few steps to scratch a new Solar Energy itch.  The first was to order one of those little “Kill-a-Watt” devices to determine how much power is being siphoned off by devices that don’t really get turned off, suspect I am going to find some surprises with it.  Have plans to pick up two or three of those Harbor Freight 45 Watt Solar kits just to play with and learn more – have already got plans for a cheap way to assemble a tracker to improve their efficiency, (by about 65% in our area), and find all those years as a  MARS Operator and later Amateur Radio Operator (HAM) make that part very easy. 8)

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