Hot & Spicy Jalapeño Spread

This is about the other kind of “chili” – specifically the Jalapeño chili pepper…

First, let me say that I love spicy foods… Some would say I enjoy them too much – but up to my current age, it hasn’t appeared to do my gastronomic system any permanent damage.

Last week a good friend introduced me to “Guiliano Hot & Spicy Jalapeño Spread“, (bless him – think “hot dog relish with a KICK!”). My hot dogs, hamburgers, and anything else that needs to be kicked up a notch or three will never be the same. Who would have thought that an Italian family would know anything about Jalapeños peppers? In the past I’ve enjoyed several of their products, including some excellent pepperoncinis, yellow wax peppers, and hot pickled vegetables – but Jalapeños? Who would have “thunk” it?

This product has the consistency and appearance of relish – and in my humble opinion can, should, and WILL be used anywhere you would normally use relish… However, before the kids get “damaged” it might be a good idea to train the smarter ones to smell test their “relish” before putting it on their hot dog. <evil little grin>

While camping this past week, I grilled off a mess of Hillshire Farms Hot Links, which are pretty spicy in their own right… My family prefers them over traditional hot dogs and they are a lot handier than brats. Had one in a hot dog bun with spicy mustard and a big fork full of that jalapeño spread and I may never touch another jar of relish for my personal use again. Our eldest grand daughter (13) wound up eating two of them (she applied her own spread) – then asked for another about 30 minutes later.

“Blue Cheese Hamburgers”? NO WAY – I’ll just fix mine up with a slice or two of pepperjack cheese, onion, jalapeño spread and spicy mustard thank you!

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