Quite a winter…

Its been a spell since I updated the Outdoor Cooking blog and starting to feel a bit guilty about it.

Haven’t been doing so much Outdoor Cooking myself of late as enjoying the efforts of Jeff, our Son-in-law.  Turns out he loves to cook too and has had “free reign” out our setup out back.

Last Sunday, for instance, he smoked a big old ham plus a mess of spare ribs for our Super Bowl Sunday dinner – I didn’t turn a lick and with Heidi and Heather turning out all of the trimmings, all I had to bring to the table was an appetite.  Man that was a great meal!

Over this past couple of months, Jeff has done a previous smoked Ham and ribs, several London Broils on the grill, hand-pressed grilled burgers, steaks, hot-links, the list just goes on and on.  He is no slouch around a chopping board either – turning grilled flank-steak into some outstanding carne-asada burritos and tacos.

While I haven’t done much, have still been scheming. Think I’m going to try my hand at some black iron sausage gravy and biscuits on the grill soon – so stay tuned. 8)

(Also, I’m figuring Jeff and I need a new Webber Kettle out back to hone up our skills grilling over hot coals again this Summer).

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