Black Friday Feast…

It is, and has been, an unusual year.  This Thanksgiving at the Pondee got delayed a day because the rest of the family was “out and about”.  Heidi and our eldest Granddaughter enjoyed a traditional “Turkey Day” feast at our Son’s home in Florida, (sounds like it came off fantastic and if I know Tom he was right in the middle of the kitchen too). Our daughter’s family had Thanksgiving dinner at Jeff’s folk’s house in Spring Valley, CA.  Today its my turn, so put the spiral-cut ham on the grill about 12:30, planning to have Heidi’s Mom over about 2:30 and having an early dinner with her and Heather’s family, (minus Ash in Florida), at 3 pm.  Heather is taking care of all the “trimmings” but Ma insisted on contributing her wonderful scalloped potatoes. (YUM!)

I have said it before, but cooking off a spiral-cut ham on the grill is so easy it makes you feel like a thief! There is good reason this is one of my favorites!

Jeff is going to handle cutting the ham off the bone and slicing it into servings for me, (gotta keep everyone involved). Want to show him the trick of sliding a long, thin (sharp), blade around the bone to ease removing the slices. Good stuff needs to be passed down the line. 8)


Spiral-cut Ham on the grill

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