Hitch in the old “giddy up”?

There is nothing that can spoil summertime fun like a pinched nerve in the old lumbar. 🙁  Fortunately that stuff is now all over with, but it sure messed up a lot of fun I had planned for September.

The good news is – in SoCal outdoor cooking is a year round event! 8)

My son-in-law put together an excellent mess of burger patties and grilled them off out back along with a package or two of hot links.  The man has some skills himself. 🙂  He admitted after tasting the last batch that I put together he had to “step up his game”.  We are going to have a lot of fun this fall too!


My Father-in-law was another old Sailor – retired as a Chief Commissary Stores in 1956, (I called him a “bean burning belly robber” and he just grinned).  His secret to putting together great burgers was “CPO” – celery, pepper and onion, diced ultra fine and mixed in with the meat along with a little egg to help hold everything together.  To this very day I cannot grill burgers without thinking of old Mike.  Sure do miss him.

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