SoCal – simply the place to be this Summer!

It has been an unusually strange year, and with a very welcome change.  Throughout July, and now rapidly going through the 2nd week of August, we have continued to enjoy the mildest Summer season any of us can remember around the old Pondee. Temperatures have been a good 10 to 15 degrees below normal here in the inland valleys of San Diego County. Each day the marine layer burns off before noon and we have been enjoying bright, clear blue skies, summer breezes and *lots* of grilling time out in the back yard in the evening.

Of course, we have dehydrated quite a few messes of beef jerky too.  Our Daughter’s family quickly became addicted. 8)

More recipes soon, but to be honest, we have been taking full advantage of the mild weather to clean up and get hauled off a whole mess of older junk that went from purposeful to just junk over the years. We send as much as possible to be recycled, but have the poor trash service working over-time. 😀

This evening we are spending some daylight digging out an old stump from what will be soon be restored to Heidi’s flower garden outside our front door – but soon it will be time to go marinate some more very thin slices of London Broil to make more beef jerky tomorrow. Don’t want the natives to get so restless they start chewing on old Papa’s ankles! 😉

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