Gee I LOVE this time of year!

Last weekend, (Father’s Day), I fired up the grill and cooked off 8 lbs. of ribs and 3 lbs. of Hillshire Farms beef sausage.  My old Buddy brought over a huge bowl of his great macaroni salad, plus the wife prepared her wonderful potato salad.  We had corn-on-the-cob, “Texas style” grilling beans, and the Mother-in-law brought over some of her good “Gherkin dish” (think pickled cucumber slices with onion and red bell pepper).

I ate too much…

Yesterday we had the left-overs – what is it about a night in the fridge that makes food cooked outdoors even better?

I ate too much…

I am already planning to cook off another meatloaf on the grill later this week.

I’m gonna eat too much… 8)

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