Tailgate Chili?

Tailgate Chili

I have only one peice of advice – DON”T try to cook chili at the tailgate folks. You are there to socialize, eat, have some refreshment then go in and enjoy heck out of the game. Don’t wear yourself out! REHEAT chili at the tailgate! Chili is ALWAYS better on the second day – take advantage of that fact and cook it at home the day before the game. Let it cool, put it in refrigerator containers then toss THEM in the cooler before you take off. (Don’t forget the saltines!)

Busy the day before the game or have to work? – You can make it a few days before if you like… But one thing I have to warn you about is that beans will eventually sour in your refrigerator – you can’t keep it in there forever, (a problem I never have around here). No problemo – make your chili WITHOUT beans. If you have to have them, add them later on at the tailgate when you are reheating your fine pot of red.

Afterthought: In my opinion, there is nothing that tastes better on a cold day outside than a good bowl of red… Something to keep in mind as we approach playoff time!

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