Vegetarian Chili?

Vegetarian Chili

One variation on my Chili I’ve thought about but never tried, (until now), is to make a pot of red that a Vegetarian could eat happily. Now I’m personally a confirmed omnivore/carnivore – but I do respect the needs of folks that choose a different path than mine, particularly where it involves FOOD.

It is incredibly easy to do. See my Papa’s Basic Chili Recipe and…

1. Leave out the meat (obviously).
2. Follow all of the directions – but using just the single large pot – add 1 TBSP of cooking oil and heat – then toss in your bell peppers first – stir frequently and later on add the onions. Then start adding all of the other ingredients from the basic recipe.
3. Add a 2nd can of Pinto Beans to the recipe
4. Add a can of sweet “whole kernel” corn (recommend rinse & drain before introducing it to the pot like you did with the kidney beans). If you want, you can add a 2nd can but it will kind of “take over” if you aren’t careful.

Remember to “dust & stir” in all of those spices – leave no “spice lumps”.. Later remember NO DUMPLINGS with the masa flour.

Don’t get in a fizz and try to eat it too early! Give all those spices and ingredients time to introduce themselves to each other and start dancing under the influence of the MGD. Let it set if you can stand to do so, have another beer – its better later on.


I guess many folks have studied the basics of survival, particularly in today’s “climate”, there are a lot of us that recognize there may come a time when meat is scarce – and especially that Beans (or even Legumes) and Corn when combined in a meal provide all of the necessary amino acids to produce a whole protein for us to live off of. (Well, it lacks one amino acid but our own bodies can “fabricate” it – aren’t we cool?).. Beans and rice serve the same purpose. Vegetarians have always known this. When there is no meat available for the pot – just call me “Vegetarian Dave” if you like and we’ll leave it at that. I choose to eat and live happy.

Regarding the pot of this I made tonight, I might have stubbed my toe on the Cayenne and Cumin powder again – but that’s OK – I plan to warn the wife…. Honest.

p.s. Don’t forget the beer – that’s the secret – as long as the cook is happy, everything always turns out good!

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