OK, I’m addicted to cast iron

If I keep this up, I’m going to be accused of having some kind of new fetish for cast iron ware – in particular for Lodge Manufacturing iron ware – and most of all to their “Lodge Logic pre-seasoned” line of goods.Β  HOOYAH!

For quite some time I’ve been looking at their “Combo Cooker” and finally broke down today, ordering it from Amazon. It simply makes sense as a near-ultimate cast iron camping kit. The incredibly versatile Combo Cooker can serve as a skillet, a fryer, a pot, a camp oven, and in a pinch as a dutch oven if you use a cheap pie tin to hold hot coals on the top/skillet.

Lodge Logic cast iron Cooking Combo

Lodge Logic cast iron Combo Cooker

Note: The photo causes visual distortion. The two rims are the same size, (10 1/4″).

According to Lodge:

It’s a skillet. A fryer. A Dutch Oven – and the lid converts to a griddle. No matter the location, the uses for the Lodge Combo Cooker are endless. Great for camp cooking!

As this Summer progresses, I will be finding different ways to exploit this kit’s versatility using the grill in the back yard, the Big Kahuna Burner, and yes, cooking with coals. Will start this weekend with cooking spaghetti & meatballs outdoors – but only after I spend some time improving the seasoning to my own satisfaction.

Remember “seasoning iron ware?” Google is still your friend! 😎 You can get away with immediately using pre-seasoned iron ware, but to get that “teflon like” slick surface, you have to work at it just a bit. The iron will eventually become perfectly seasoned with proper use, but I’m spoiled and want it to be “RIGHT”. πŸ˜‰

Life is funny – you live and you learn – if I had it all to do over, this would be the first piece of cast iron cookware I would have purchased, instead of the last….

Something I have to add….

This quote is from their current Product Help Q&A page:

Are Lodge products made in the USA?
All of our foundry seasoned cast iron products, including the Signature Series, are manufactured in the USA.Β  Our Lodge Enamel items are imported from China.

I do not own a single piece of Lodge Enamel cookware – nor will I. ‘Nuff said? πŸ˜‰

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