Grilling with indirect heat

Several of my recent blog entries have talked about grilling using indirect heat, (i.e. Slow Grilled Meat Loaf, Grilled Spiral-cut ham, etc.). There is more one can do around the old grill than just “burning beast” and using indirect heat for cooking is key to expanding your “Outdoor Cooking” repertoire.  Just about anything that can be cooked in your oven can also be successfully cooked on your grill outside.  Hot summer day? Don’t want to heat up the kitchen?  Fire up that grill!

I found a good definition for this technique on the Better Homes & Gardens website (see Food & Recipes section):
Indirect grilling: This method positions the fire to one side or both ends of grill. Food sits over the unlit part, and the grill is covered so the food cooks from all sides. This is best for thicker cuts that need longer cooking like roasts and ribs.

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