Still taking it easy..

My blogging activity has slowed dramatically since injuring my back last December..  After 3 months of physical therapy, am now on a workout routine at home I am much improved, but still slowed – (read “hitch in my giddy-up”). It is still difficult to stand for a long period of time, (keep having to go set down), and that resulted in burning a couple of beautiful rib-eye steaks on the grill last weekend on Mother’s day.  Fortunately, my Mother-in-law enjoys her steak medium-rare, so I had already pulled hers. 😉

After the recent success baking that meatloaf on the grill using indirect heat, I have decided to heat/bake a pre-cooked spiral cut ham on the grill tomorrow.  Since the ham is pre-cooked, it appears to me this would be a perfect item to cook outdoors on a hot summer day to be ready to feed quite a few folks all at once.


p.s. My 15 year old granddaughter in Florida recently prepared a “Mexican Lasagna”, (shredded chicken breasts), for her family and my grandson was *very* impressed with the results.  That set me to thinking of a similar recipe, (made with beef & sausage), but cooked in a Dutch Oven.  Really looking forward to trying that one soon!

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