I do love a pot of red…

Had a good two lbs of “leftover” rib-eye steak from my grilling session last weekend, (not really leftovers if you plan it before you light the grill?).  Today it was time to crank out a good pot of Chili!  See:

***** Papa’s Basic Chili *****

Of course I just *had* to tweak it a bit based upon how I felt today…  First I browned off a pound of ground serloin, then tossed in the finely diced onion to sauté a bit. From there shared a bit of time between very finely dicing the steak meat while stirring the hamburger/onions – then finally tossing the rest of the meat in and added enough chili, cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper to “kick it up a notch”. 😉

This batch was made with no beans, and I used ROTEL diced tomatoes.

To quote the BBQPitBoys – “Mmmm…. Can you smell that?” 8)

Pot 'O Red

There is just a tiny bit of back-taste from the BBQ sauce – I found it rather pleasant! 😉

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