Grilling – Rib-eye steaks

OK, it isn’t exactly a “traditional” Easter dinner, unless you live in Southern California and have a beautiful day to enjoy your family and to a little grilling.

Rib-eyes are great – they have a lot of marvel in the meat which makes them great on the grill but you have to manage the flare-ups with your spray bottle full of water.

Ours were tenderized the night before, then marinated in the refrigerator in nothing more than cheap Italian dressing from Albertsons. We can get two rib-eyes in a single, large, zip-lock bag – so 4 bags = 8 steaks.  Ignoring “traditional wisdom” and removing them from the fridge to get to room temperature before cooking, mine go straight from the bag to the pre-heated grill.

I like to “sear” the meat on a very hot grill, flip them over, turn down the temperature, then baste them with our favorite BBQ sauce and a light dusting of garlic powder.

There were 7 1/2 of us at the dinner table, (little Lexi is only 8 months old), so that extra steak will go in the chili pot (cast iron wok) a little later in the week. Everybody went home well satisfied.  We had mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, baked-beans, garlic bread, “gerkin”, etc. for sides. 🙂

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