Standard Spring/Summer Fare

Some days you just have to “keep it simple”.  Having returned from our Daughter’s house, (with one Granddaughter coming with us to spend the night at “Grammie & Papa’s”), it was such a pleasant evening I decided to grill off some hamburgers for our dinner.  Nothing fancy, just 20% fat hamburger patties from the local Smart & Final.  Used our favorite BBQ sauce and dusted the patties well with garlic powder while they were cooking.

Meanwhile the wife set up a plate of lettuce leafs, thin sliced onion, and tomato, plus all of the normal condiments, including my favorite – bread & butter pickle slices.

We had cole slaw as a side dish and ate entirely too much, washed down with our favorite refreshment of the moment. (Mine was A&W root beer thank you. ;)).

There is a lot to be said for the old “K.I.S.S.” theory – and tonight I couldn’t agree more with it. 8)

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