Chili Hashbrowns

One of the great things about good chili is that it goes with just about anything else you want to put on the table, or for that matter, pour it over. Everybody has heard about “chili fries” thanks to all the fast food places adding it to their menu, but one of my personal favorites is “chili hashbrowns”. Of course anything worth doing is worth “over-doing” in my book! Check it out:

That is a 14 inch skillet – I like to season the “raw side” while the first is cooking, then flip the resulting 10″ diameter hash brown like an omelet – covering the now “cooked” side with shredded cheese.

Slip it off on a (large) plate and cover with chili (no beans) and finely diced raw onion.

It sure will stick to the ribs, but please don’t tell my doctor about this combo. Court is still out on its impact on BP, etc.

p.s. My plan is to out-live that blasted doctor anyway!

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