Ham Radio – Boom Mic on the cheap!

I will flesh this out with pictures/etc. later on.

As part of turning that back bedroom into a quasi-real Ham Shack, I wanted to have a boom Mic with foot switch – but without going totally overboard in terms of expense, (cheap fellow that I am).

We had ordered the “boom” arm several months back on eBay, (uninstalled – put back in box after inspecting), and a cheapo foot switch, known by other Hams to work and be fairly durable.  A guy who has an IC-7300 I’ve been following on Youtube (K0PIR) went this route via eBay late last year instead of tithing up to Heil and saving well over a hundred bucks – that idea appealed to me:

BM800 Condenser Microphone Shock Mount Home Studio Sound Audio Record Mic
http://www.ebay.com/itm/232119812950 <– link will undoubtedly disappear soon but you can search for the device

OK, that takes care of the Mic & mount problem – but what about the adapter – also on the cheap, from a different eBay seller:

8-Pin MIC/Headset Adapter HS-01C for ICOM Transceivers(incl IC-7300) – ELECTRET
http://www.ebay.com/itm/162550543205 <– same, if the link doesn’t work simply search eBay for the device

You plug the Mic cord in one lead and the transmit switch on the other, (they are labeled).  Later on, I will probably install a splitter so I can use either the foot switch or a hand button.

Whoa – last edited this in July, then forgot about it – going to go forward with publishing it before it gets any older.  Bottom line, this cheapo setup works GREAT with the IC-7300 radio!

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