March, 2017 – ALREADY?

Had to back off the old blog for a bit.  Had cataract surgery and a new lens implant done in the first part of November, then a repeat done on the other eye in the first week of February.  What an incredible difference it has made.  Feel like I have quite a bit of my world back! 😀

Keep telling Heidi “I can see forever again” and she understands.  Have been far-sighted all my life and, with the cataracts, my world was slowly “shrinking”.  Elected to have the surgery when I could no longer drive at night, even to attend a Ham Club meeting 1 mile from our home.

As an added benefit, the new lens implants both have built in blue light and UV filtering.  I am not “light sensitive” in the slightest, which was the biggest complaint from others who had this surgery long ago.

Today, it is an “out-patient” surgery – and the actual time in surgery is only about 15 minutes, with only about half an hour (for me) in their recovery room before being released.  All the rest of the recovery is done at home.  I *did* have to limit my activities, especially over the first two weeks after each eye – so am now focusing on trying to exercise and work off some of the weight gained while just setting around.

Just prior to the 2nd eye surgery, Heidi and I purchased a new ICOM IC-7300 Ham radio.  Will have much, much more to say about it as time goes on, for now I’ll just say IT’S INCREDIBLE! 😉

Life is good!

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