A few thoughts on Chili Meat.

Chili Meat!

I think all of us who have made chili have probably used hamburger if we were in a hurry. That will get you by – but if there is time I like to “plan ahead”.

I prefer to buy packaged stew meat from Albertson’s – then hand grind it through our old meat grinder *very* coarse. This adds a chewy consistency to my chili that the family really loves.

Alternatively, (and especially when I’m going to make a big batch), I’ll pick out a few tri-tip steaks and ask the butcher to coarse grind them for me. Any excess gets vacuum sealed and stuck in the freezer for the next batch.

One of my “chili purist” cousins in Texas hand carves his meat with a sharp knife into little half-inch cubes – but I’m too doggone lazy to mess with that. While he is still cutting I’ll already be eating. (When he and his wife came out a couple of winters ago, I didn’t get any complaints either).

Will have a lot more to say on this topic as time goes bye.

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