Has it really been almost a year???

…..Since I last updated the old Blog?


Going to have to fix that.

We haven’t really done a lot with outdoor cooking that wasn’t a repeat of previous posts, but did a LOT of it.  Our Son and family visited from Florida this summer and we had a GREAT time.  At one point, I eyeballed my teenage grandson and noting that an investment was made in him during the summer of 2014, got things going on the grill and simply turned it over to him, sat down and made little “suggestions” here and there.  He cooked a GREAT meal for us!

Heidi’s Mom is now 90, and joins us for Sunday dinner almost every weekend.  She really appreciates our cooking and it is a pleasure to hear her favorable comments.  My last effort on the grill was her favorite – Rib-eye steak, grilled asparagus and portobello mushrooms with olive oil and just a hint of powdered garlic. Old “Ma” was in Heaven.

After 10 years, have recently decided to get active again on Amateur Radio – passed my General Class examination a couple of weeks ago, and am now working on preparing for the Amateur Extra class.

Much, much more to come – just need to find a bit of time.


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