OK – its winter but not at the Pondee

While most of the nation is seeing freezing temperatures, including my Son’s family in Southwest Florida, the temperature in my back yard is around 80 degrees.  Nothing else to do but run around in shorts, moccasins, and fire up the Smoker.

Smoking a 5+ lb Tri-tip roast – plan to reserve a couple of pounds for a good pot of red.

Edited: Well, I did something totally stupid for a guy my age a few weeks before this post and it is time for me to own up to it.  We had ordered a huge (energy efficient) refrigerator from Home Depot to replace the old one.  Just before it was due to be delivered, I realized it was too wide to come in any other than our front door – and that meant my wife’s big china cabinet had to be moved to get it though the dining room and into the kitchen.  Long story short, I got it done – and even moved it back after delivery, but succeeded in messing up my back in the process. As of this past week, (now mid-February), I am about 80% recovered, (thank you physical therapist), and will be active on the blog again.  (Not to mention very much looking forward to a spring/summer of outdoor cooking!)

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