Texas Cooking dot Com

One of the many sites on the web that I enjoy is:

Texas Cooking – “Southwestern cooking recipes and advice”

You have to put your tongue firmly in your cheek if you spend any time on there – and all of the blessed advertisements are pretty annoying – but then again, it does have “Texas” in its title so I knew how to proceed intuitively. 😀

Two of the articles I have recently enjoyed on there (links below) show that I’m not the only one who recognizes the presence of canned (tinned) peaches, tomatoes, etc. – along with many fresh vegetables snagged by the “bean burning belly robber”, (cook), along the way from farmers, etc. Lord knows he had plenty of beef to trade. Cowboys and farmers mixed like oil and water, but you KNOW a Chuckwagon Cook was always a welcome sight on any farm and it was time for some “dickering” over the relative value of beef and whatever the farmer had to trade. I’d be willing to bet such a cook was what we would have called a “professional scrounge” in many a Navy Shipyard.

At the tail end of the 2nd article was an aged reference to pinto beans as “whistle berries” – the same thing my Grandpa used to call his big pot of frijoles that was present at every camp dinner we ever had.

Chuck Wagon Cooking for Cowboys

Chuck Wagon Cooking for Cowboys – Part Two

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