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Ham Radio – Installing TYT MD-380 Tools

I had been reading various reports about the TYT MD-380 Tools and was intrigued.  Then, late in the Thursday night PAPA DMR Roundtable discussion, listened as advice was given to a user with a menu problem.  Joined the associated Facebook Group at TYT MD-380 Tools, and my curiosity grew higher. Finally I found a page […]

Ham Radio – setting up the TYT MD-380 DMR Radio

One of the things I found most interesting about getting into Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) as a Ham, is that all of digital voice radio seems to have its own language.  There is a lot to learn, things like going to to get a DMR user identity number assigned, codeplugs, zones, contacts, it goes […]

Ham Radio – Exploring the digital voice modes – starting with DMR

DMR = Digital Mobile Radio – this open standard grew out of Europe, (ETSI), and was embraced by Motorola – originally for the commercial radio world.  sometimes you will hear it referred to as MOTOTRBO, but Motorola is just one of many manufacturers of DMR radios. Slowly, but surely it has been embraced and influenced […]

Ham Radio – Boom Mic on the cheap!

I will flesh this out with pictures/etc. later on. As part of turning that back bedroom into a quasi-real Ham Shack, I wanted to have a boom Mic with foot switch – but without going totally overboard in terms of expense, (cheap fellow that I am). We had ordered the “boom” arm several months back […]