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Ham Radio – Our portable QRP HF setup

QRP can mean a few different things in Amateur Radio – Sent to another party it can mean reduce power or should I reduce power, but QRP operation, or a QRP radio normally means operating or operates at low power. (Usually 5 watts or less).  Many times on the air you will hear someones call […]

Amateur Radio – Public Emergency Service

Our History: Believe I’ve mentioned it before, but it was the “Cedar Fire – October, 2003” in San Diego County that definitely drove home the need to expand our ability to gather emergency information.  The fire stopped 1 mile from our home, but burned heck out of a lot of the community of Crest – […]

The Amateur’s Code

I am re-posting this here as much of a reminder to myself as anyone else. Folks aren’t always what you want them to be, but this is something to strive for. IMHO The Amateur’s Code is the creed by which all ham radio operators should aspire to live by. Written in 1928 by Paul M. Segal, […]

Our “Ham Shack” – starting over…

Originally, our Son claimed the back bedroom when we moved into this house, but he was near grown and it wasn’t too long before he moved out on his own, found work, married, and started a family. Eventually, I converted that room into a Home Office, and it stayed that way for many years – […]