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Beef & Pork Machaca on the grill

Machaca in old Mexico was used by “cowboys” down there in similar fashion to jerked beef up North. The major difference being the beef was first cooked, shredded, cooked some more – then dried.  It could be snacked on in the saddle “as is” or later re-hydrated with boiling water to make various dishes for […]

Solar Cooking – Impossible Coconut Pie II

While I enjoyed our previous (first shot at) Solar Impossible Pie, I KNOW that our family will enjoy following a dessert recipe even more. Among all of those types of recipes gleaned off of the Internet, the MOST popular seemed to be Impossible Coconut Pie, then I happened across “Impossible Coconut Pie II” found on […]

Solar Cooking – Ham & Cheese Impossible Pie

OK, given yesterday’s adventure resulted in our bringing home our very own All Season Solar Cooker, I decided it was time to finally try it out. (“Let’s find out what this Galaxy Class Starship can do!”). 8) Ham & Cheese Impossible Pie Ingredients Hormel Smoked Ham (small 5 oz can) 1/2 cup finely diced onion […]

Solar Cooking – Building the All Season Solar Cooker

Early in the Spring this year, I joined the San Diego Solar Cooking Club and have found it a most enjoyable experience as posted in previous “articles” here.  The club schedules its meetings and events via their group on (a free Internet Service). Yesterday morning, Heidi and I traveled up to Northern Escondido to […]