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Retained Heat Cook Box… 1st try failed

This year I have already had a lot of fun researching Solar Cooking, Solar Food Dehydration, Solar Energy, and now Retained Heat Cooking. Have mentioned it before, but when I was a lad, I once overheard my Granny Davis describing a “hay box” she used during WW II which had the same general effect as […]

Ugh – cold & flu season arrived…

Over this past week, most everybody around the old Pondee has been “hit” with some kind of bug.  Not pleasant, but nothing we haven’t been through time and again. I have used the time to stay on top of my little on-line solar research project.  Unfortunately, was forced to miss two Meetups of the San […]

Solar Cooking – Cookware

Going With What Works: In attempting an in-depth research of currently available Solar Cooking information thus far this year, I have followed the same old “tongue-in-cheek” attitude one should assume with any form of data drawn off the Internet.  One must validate his/her sources and always question the truth of what is being read/shared.  This […]