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Revisiting an old favorite…

Our little “mini-heat wave” has passed as of last Friday, but even with the cooling trend it is still summertime here at the old Pondee.  Decided to avoid heating up the kitchen so went for something easy that could be cooked outdoors: Beef Ranchero Taco Skillet on the grill I doubled the recipe as there […]

Stocking your pantry/larder

We have a, (earthquake proof), rather narrow and tall “ready pantry” right on one side of our kitchen. It serves as our place to hold dry goods and canned goods – just about anything that does not require refrigeration. It is not quite floor to ceiling, (leaving room on top for open storage), and holds […]

Dave’s Western DO Goulash

When I was a young lad, being raised by my grandparents, we would occasionally go over to my Uncle Pete’s house for the evening and occasionally have a big supper over there.  They had a large family, at the time about 4 boys and 2 girls, so having company over and feeding everybody could be […]

My new iApple gadget…

This is a bit off-topic, but definitely related to outdoor cooking if you plan to make apple pies, strudels, etc. while camping – then it is spot on! 😉 The subject device is really named: Pinzon Apple and Potato Peeler, Corer, and Slicer (I ordered ours from Amazon – see link).  It is sold under […]

SoCal – simply the place to be this Summer!

It has been an unusually strange year, and with a very welcome change.  Throughout July, and now rapidly going through the 2nd week of August, we have continued to enjoy the mildest Summer season any of us can remember around the old Pondee. Temperatures have been a good 10 to 15 degrees below normal here […]