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It’s Burgerin’ Time

Sometimes it is a good thing to just return to the basics.¬† After our great success with the spiral cut ham, this weekend it is time to return to a relatively easy family favorite: ¬†Hamburgers, Hot Links, and Ribs… We always cook off enough to assure left-overs.. (Shoot, I may toss in some Kielbasa sausage). […]

Spiral-cut Ham on the grill

Ever had an idea that turned out so well and was so easy you felt like you were “stealing”? There is really no recipe for this – and really not much to it at all. Bottom line it was easy and FUN and the results were very satisfying indeed! At my request, the wife picked […]

Still taking it easy..

My blogging activity has slowed dramatically since injuring my back last December..¬† After 3 months of physical therapy, am now on a workout routine at home I am much improved, but still slowed – (read “hitch in my giddy-up”). It is still difficult to stand for a long period of time, (keep having to go […]