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Standard Spring/Summer Fare

Some days you just have to “keep it simple”.  Having returned from our Daughter’s house, (with one Granddaughter coming with us to spend the night at “Grammie & Papa’s”), it was such a pleasant evening I decided to grill off some hamburgers for our dinner.  Nothing fancy, just 20% fat hamburger patties from the local […]

Grilling – Slow grilled meatloaf recipe

Its Springtime and the birds are going crazy.  This is one of my absolute favorite times of the year for outdoor cooking – it just doesn’t get any better – so I am mulling over modifying/trying another recipe from this weekend.  First thing is to assure I have all of the ingredients assembled, so […]

A little more about charcoal

This is a bit of an afterthought, but in reviewing my own blog I “discovered” that I had left out a few fairly important general tips about using charcoal/coal chunks for BBQ-ing, Grilling, Smoking, Dutch Oven cooking, and outdoor cooking safety in general. Folks, we are talking about fire and very high temperatures concentrated in […]

Barbecued Corned Beef Brisket

Normally, I would prefer smoking a brisket to putting it on a grill, even for indirect heat cooking – but that is for fresh beef brisket, not corned beef. When I recently ran across an on-line video for using the grill it became one of those I GOTTA do this moments. 😉 First, full credit […]

Dutch Oven – Disposable liners

Wow!  I am certainly not used to getting that kind of service off of an eBay seller – its only Monday and my set of 9 (3 packages of 3) disposable aluminum dutch oven liners are already here!  I’m a “Happy Camper!” <pun intended> 😉 I am really looking forward to giving these a try […]

Dutch Oven – Something new

For some time now I have been hearing about “disposable aluminum foil dutch oven liners” and how well they work.  One woman reported that she “mixes, cooks, then serves” her dutch oven cakes, cobblers and casseroles all in the same liner to minimize how many dishes/bowls she has to wash afterward. (Being a lazy cook, […]

Dutch Oven – More on temperatures

I’ve already admitted that I enjoy just getting my oven’s up to about 325°-350° and adjusting my recipes with cooking time.  Guess you may have detected that I am a “low and slow” fanatic when it comes to outdoor cooking.  Just the same there are some dishes like PIZZA that need the higher temperatures for […]

Dutch Oven – Bread baking tip

Its pretty easy to turn out passable chow in outdoor cooking.  Shoot – everything prepared outside just seems to taste better and the outdoor cook is always one very popular fellow.  Just about anything that can be cooked inside your house can also be prepared outside – invariably drawing rave reviews from the hungry natives. […]

Dutch Oven cooking – controlling temperature

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that will get you started if you are new to Dutch Oven cooking.  Most recipes that you come across that “sound good” for cooking outdoors, but were prepared for an indoor oven specify what temperature to set your oven at – yet its pretty […]