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San Antonio’s Best Chili…

Long before Texas became a U.S. state, the “Chili Queens” of San Antonio would sell their chilies from outdoor kettles in the old Military square. A Bowl of Red – Chili lovers are often surprised to learn that the famous southern Texas Bowl of Red is often made without tomatoes, and beans are always served […]

Chili Pot Pie?

OK, so winter will come back around – I’ve got several “bricks” of good chili set up in the freezer – what’s next? I know, Chili Pot Pie!

Chili Gravy

“The lifeblood of old-fashioned Tex-Mex, chili gravy is a cross between Anglo brown gravy and Mexican chili sauce. It was invented in Anglo-owned Mexican restaurants.” — Robb Walsh

Passable Texas Chili

…one of the most popular legends about the origin of chili (and the most pleasing to me) is that it originated along the cattle trails in Texas.

Vegetarian Chili?

One variation on my Chili I’ve thought about but never tried, (until now), is to make a pot of red that a Vegetarian could eat happily. Now I’m personally a confirmed omnivore/carnivore – but I do respect the needs of folks that choose a different path than mine, particularly where it involves FOOD.

***** Papa’s Basic Chili *****

Papa’s basic Chili that won’t kill little kids nor permanently alienate the neighbor’s wife.

Chili Hashbrowns

Everybody has heard about “chili fries” thanks to all the fast food places adding it to their menu, but one of my personal favorites is “chili hashbrowns”.