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***** Papa’s Basic Chili *****

Papa’s basic Chili that won’t kill little kids nor permanently alienate the neighbor’s wife.

Chili Hashbrowns

Everybody has heard about “chili fries” thanks to all the fast food places adding it to their menu, but one of my personal favorites is “chili hashbrowns”.

A few thoughts on Chili Meat.

I think all of us who have made chili have probably used hamburger if we were in a hurry. That will get you by – but if there is time I like to “plan ahead”.

Chili Seasoning Mix

IMO *ALL* Chili is good for the heart as well as the soul! In N/E Oklahoma, Chili is considered “out of season” during the summer – I think that is why the whole family has now moved out of that state, most are hanging out in TX, FL or CA these days where such things […]