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San Antonio’s Best Chili…

Long before Texas became a U.S. state, the “Chili Queens” of San Antonio would sell their chilies from outdoor kettles in the old Military square. A Bowl of Red – Chili lovers are often surprised to learn that the famous southern Texas Bowl of Red is often made without tomatoes, and beans are always served […]

I do love a pot of red…

Had a good two lbs of “leftover” rib-eye steak from my grilling session last weekend, (not really leftovers if you plan it before you light the grill?).  Today it was time to crank out a good pot of Chili!  See: ***** Papa’s Basic Chili ***** Of course I just *had* to tweak it a bit […]

Chili using London Broil

Some time ago I cooked off a very large London Broil on the grill using the offset heat/smoke method one would use for good brisket or ribs. It turned out OK – but immediately decided I was going to get a pot of chili out of a little over half of it.

Chili Pot Pie?

OK, so winter will come back around – I’ve got several “bricks” of good chili set up in the freezer – what’s next? I know, Chili Pot Pie!

Chili Gravy

“The lifeblood of old-fashioned Tex-Mex, chili gravy is a cross between Anglo brown gravy and Mexican chili sauce. It was invented in Anglo-owned Mexican restaurants.” — Robb Walsh

Passable Texas Chili

…one of the most popular legends about the origin of chili (and the most pleasing to me) is that it originated along the cattle trails in Texas.

Preserving Chili in your freezer

A few years ago, this technique was recommended by one of my friends who happens to enjoy a good bowl of red now an again. I took his advice and have been doing it ever since.

Tailgate Chili?

I have only one peice of advice – DON”T try to cook chili at the tailgate folks. You are there to socialize, eat, have some refreshment then go in and enjoy heck out of the game. Don’t wear yourself out! REHEAT chili at the tailgate!

Vegetarian Chili?

One variation on my Chili I’ve thought about but never tried, (until now), is to make a pot of red that a Vegetarian could eat happily. Now I’m personally a confirmed omnivore/carnivore – but I do respect the needs of folks that choose a different path than mine, particularly where it involves FOOD.

Cooking Chili in the Great Outdoors!

For a good way to cook chili out of doors, see my “basic” Chili recipe earlier in this blog – but replace the large pot with a nice Iron Dutch Oven and the large frying pan with a nice big Iron frying pan.