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Ham Radio – Ham Desk Riser Project

This is one we started a few weeks ago. Our “Ham Shack” is in the smallest bedroom of our 4br home, and it is literally in a mess. Last month, I started simply trying to pull everything out that wasn’t part of the hobby, or there for creature comfort. When that was done, decided we […]

Ham Radio – Our portable HF Dipole

First and foremost, I absolutely get a kick out of playing with Amateur Radio Antennas of just about any kind, configuration, etc. It is part of the hobby that just appeals to me. Have spent many hours on-line pursuing new thoughts, ideas, etc. Learned early on to avoid paying too much attention to Commercial antenna […]

Ham Radio – Our portable QRP HF setup

QRP can mean a few different things in Amateur Radio – Sent to another party it can mean reduce power or should I reduce power, but QRP operation, or a QRP radio normally means operating or operates at low power. (Usually 5 watts or less).  Many times on the air you will hear someones call […]

The Amateur’s Code

I am re-posting this here as much of a reminder to myself as anyone else. Folks aren’t always what you want them to be, but this is something to strive for. IMHO The Amateur’s Code is the creed by which all ham radio operators should aspire to live by. Written in 1928 by Paul M. Segal, […]

Our “Ham Shack” – starting over…

Originally, our Son claimed the back bedroom when we moved into this house, but he was near grown and it wasn’t too long before he moved out on his own, found work, married, and started a family. Eventually, I converted that room into a Home Office, and it stayed that way for many years – […]

Our Tiny Tri-bander HT Is Back In Service…

Back in early 2004, we took a chance and purchased a used ICOM IC-T90A from a Ham Operator on eBay. When it arrived, I was elated to find it worked like a charm – once we figured out how to operate it. Back then, had to take a drive to Ham Radio Outlet and picked up a wallet […]

Setting up our old F-250 for HF mobile ops

I have installed a Yeasu FT-2900R 2m portable radio in both Heidi’s old Hyundai and my old F-250 pickup. Its a great “bang for the buck” radio with 5, 10, 30 & 75 Watts of output available and a terrific receiver. Around where we live, we keep them at 5 watts and have no problem […]

The Yeasu FT-817 for Portable Ops

After a ton of thought, I purchased a used Yeasu FT-817 radio on 2/2/2016 from another Ham and good friend. It required a minor repair as the power receptacle was damaged, but I was able to get the replacement part from Yeasu parts and service – then solder in the new receptacle to the circuit […]

Our Roll-up J-Pole Antennas

This one is picture intensive, I apologize if this page takes longer to load. Last Christmas, several members of our Ham radio club were setting up over at Sprout’s Market in Santee, CA. to give customer’s children an opportunity to talk to Santa on a Ham radio. While Heidi and I couldn’t directly support the event, […]

The Copper Cactus Super J-Pole Antenna

After I had passed the General Ham Exam, then the next month the Amateur Extra Exam, and Heidi had passed her Technician Exam, it was time to actually use our new radio privileges. I had previously purchased a couple of, relatively inexpensive, Baofeng handheld radios and learned to program then, primarily with the CHIRP program, (which […]