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Heidi’s Quick Sloppy Joe Mix on the grill…

Sloppy Joe’s were one of our kid’s favorites while they were growing up – and these days our grandchildren have continued the “tradition”.  Many years ago, Heidi refined it down to its simplest form and could knock out a quick meal they would welcome in about 20 minutes total preparation time using the stove-top and […]

October 21st, Maintenance time…

First I have to say – my family has enjoyed one of our best outdoor cooking years in 2011, and it isn’t over yet! 8) Our Son-in-law, Jeff, has turned into another family outdoor chef when it comes to smoking and grilling.  He prefers charcoal grilling, but is equally proficient with the propane gas grill […]

Beef & Pork Machaca on the grill

Machaca in old Mexico was used by “cowboys” down there in similar fashion to jerked beef up North. The major difference being the beef was first cooked, shredded, cooked some more – then dried.  It could be snacked on in the saddle “as is” or later re-hydrated with boiling water to make various dishes for […]

Black Iron Potatoes on the Grill

Credit for the technique/recipe goes to – recommend nosing around their web site if you haven’t already done so. They have a “fun” approach to outdoor grilling, using a traditional Weber kettle style grill and charcoal. Once again, this dish calls for “Indirect Grilling” – This method positions the fire to one side or […]

Black Friday Feast…

It is, and has been, an unusual year.  This Thanksgiving at the Pondee got delayed a day because the rest of the family was “out and about”.  Heidi and our eldest Granddaughter enjoyed a traditional “Turkey Day” feast at our Son’s home in Florida, (sounds like it came off fantastic and if I know Tom […]

Pulled Pork Tacos

Ah the magic of turning a beautiful Boston Butt into pulled pork. Pulled pork is a form of that “real BBQ” we always hear about, in Mexico it is known as “Carnitas”, but around the old Pondee we just call it “the good stuff”. Normally, the meat is smoked for 10-12 hours, wrapped in foil […]

Revisiting an old favorite…

Our little “mini-heat wave” has passed as of last Friday, but even with the cooling trend it is still summertime here at the old Pondee.  Decided to avoid heating up the kitchen so went for something easy that could be cooked outdoors: Beef Ranchero Taco Skillet on the grill I doubled the recipe as there […]

Sometimes it just turns out perfect…

Golfers talk about hitting “the sweet spot”, Football and Baseball players talk about being “in the zone” – me? I just kick back and enjoy it when it happens…. Ever had one of those sessions out in the back yard grilling where the weather was perfect, the birds were singing, and the food just flat […]

Jalapeno & Cheese Cornbread on the grill

Yesterday I posted a copy of my Buddy’s recipe on the blog and have found my mouth watering for some good cornbread ever since!  Naturally, I’ll be doing it out-of-doors on the Propane grill, using my square Lodge Logic skillet. I’ll also be “tweaking” his recipe just a bit. 😎 Jalapeno & Cheese Cornbread on […]

Beefy two-bean tamale pie on the grill

I am still looking at further ways to exploit that Lodge “Combo Cooker” on our propane grill.  I like to buy “ready made” pre-cooked Tamales, made with Masa flour, wrapped in corn husks – then just steam and eat them with a good sauce but there is something about the name “Tamale Pie” that just […]