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Cast Iron – Breaking in a new Dutch Oven

Looking at our little “collection” of cast iron ware, the one thing I was missing was one of the Lodge Pre-seasoned 6 Qt. Dutch Ovens. Ordered from at a reasonable price, it arrived yesterday. Having a bit of a problem with one of my feet, Heidi came out to help me and act as […]

A little more about charcoal

This is a bit of an afterthought, but in reviewing my own blog I “discovered” that I had left out a few fairly important general tips about using charcoal/coal chunks for BBQ-ing, Grilling, Smoking, Dutch Oven cooking, and outdoor cooking safety in general. Folks, we are talking about fire and very high temperatures concentrated in […]

Dutch Oven – Disposable liners

Wow!  I am certainly not used to getting that kind of service off of an eBay seller – its only Monday and my set of 9 (3 packages of 3) disposable aluminum dutch oven liners are already here!  I’m a “Happy Camper!” <pun intended> 😉 I am really looking forward to giving these a try […]

Dutch Oven – Something new

For some time now I have been hearing about “disposable aluminum foil dutch oven liners” and how well they work.  One woman reported that she “mixes, cooks, then serves” her dutch oven cakes, cobblers and casseroles all in the same liner to minimize how many dishes/bowls she has to wash afterward. (Being a lazy cook, […]

Cleaning dutch ovens and other ironware

Let me start with NO soap, NO detergent, NO dishwashers, nada, nyet, nicht, nader, none… The proper and ONLY way to effectively clean your iron cooking ware, (without ruining its seasoning), is with hot water and a a good stiff bristle brush. If you have some stubborn residue, simply put it back on the coals, […]

Dutch ovens – a handy accessory

There isn’t a lot that can be cooked in a kitchen oven that cannot be cooked in a camp dutch oven, but the latter does offer some considerations beyond shuffling the number of coals placed on the bottom/top, rotating the lid, etc. One of the handiest little accessories is called the “Trivet”. This is a […]

Dutch Ovens – some notes on hardware

“Never pick up anything hot, until you have a place to set it back down”…. Some of the best cooking advice that can be given, especially true for any kind of outdoor cooking! 😉 Dutch ovens are heavy – even their lids. DOH! We have a mess of ovens, one of each size, so they […]

Dutch ovens – my favorite iron is…

There are dutch ovens intended for both indoor and outdoor use.  Those used indoors have smooth bottoms with a (normally) rounded cover/lid. Depending upon what you are cooking, they are equally at home on the stove top or in the oven. I have only one of these, intended for use in the oven of our […]