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Lazy Man’s Beef Jerky…

It has been a *very* busy Summer around the old Pondee, and am ashamed to admit how much I have taken advantage of Jeff’s, (our son-in-law), willingness to help with all of our “projects”.  From getting our old 30′ 5th Wheel Trailer both weather and road-worthy again, erecting a new steel out-building for my future […]

Wow! Is it Summertime already?

What happened to Spring? Seems it just got started yesterday! 🙂 Nice and warm around the Pondee for the first day of Summer, 2012. Lots of good stuff going on – Heidi is now on vacation and today was the last day of school for two of our teen-age granddaughters, (the teenager in Florida has […]

Happy Easter!

Not doing much on the old blog here lately, but we have already accomplished a ton of projects around the old Pondee and have yet another, pretty major one, in progress. (All of the accomplishments are primarily due to the efforts of our Son-in-law, Jeff, and Heidi’s ever-able assistance). Today is no exception, Jeff has […]

Ugh – cold & flu season arrived…

Over this past week, most everybody around the old Pondee has been “hit” with some kind of bug.  Not pleasant, but nothing we haven’t been through time and again. I have used the time to stay on top of my little on-line solar research project.  Unfortunately, was forced to miss two Meetups of the San […]

Taking a little break…

In view of world events, particularly after the disastrous 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan, ensuing tsunami, and now resulting problems at damaged nuclear power plants – it is difficult for me to focus on outdoor cooking at the moment.  In my 24 year Navy career, well over 18 of it was spent on […]

Stocking your pantry/larder

We have a, (earthquake proof), rather narrow and tall “ready pantry” right on one side of our kitchen. It serves as our place to hold dry goods and canned goods – just about anything that does not require refrigeration. It is not quite floor to ceiling, (leaving room on top for open storage), and holds […]

My new iApple gadget…

This is a bit off-topic, but definitely related to outdoor cooking if you plan to make apple pies, strudels, etc. while camping – then it is spot on! 😉 The subject device is really named: Pinzon Apple and Potato Peeler, Corer, and Slicer (I ordered ours from Amazon – see link).  It is sold under […]

SoCal – simply the place to be this Summer!

It has been an unusually strange year, and with a very welcome change.  Throughout July, and now rapidly going through the 2nd week of August, we have continued to enjoy the mildest Summer season any of us can remember around the old Pondee. Temperatures have been a good 10 to 15 degrees below normal here […]

Preserving food…

One of the absolute oldest means man has used for preserving food to be used later is simply removing the water/liquid from it by drying it. In a previous post I mentioned an interest in building a solar food dehydrator and that is slowly climbing up the old ToDo list this summer.  Speaking of “summer”, […]

A few thoughts on emergency preparedness

Much is being said about emergency preparedness these days, and for obvious reasons we all should be paying attention.  There have been more wake up calls since Y2K became a non-event than any other time frame in my life. (As I type this I am 64 years of age). Hurricanes, tornadoes, Southern California wild fires, […]