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A few thoughts on storage and “stuff”…

I have to admit it, the tragedy associated with the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami striking the people of Japan has affected me very deeply.  Reading the concerns and recent preparation by others living on the “ring of fire” inspired me to get part of it out by sharing a bit on our own preparations/solutions. “Where […]

Some sound advice from Texas…

One of the web sites I really enjoy nosing around at quiet moments is “Texas Cooking On-line“.  In particular, I get a kick out of just about everything John Raven has contributed there. Late last night, after finally turning off the World News, I needed a good dose of John Raven to give my mind […]

Solar Cooking – About 6 or 8 years ago….

As I continue to gather current information, etc., on Solar Cooking today – my mind keeps drifting back to an “experiment” I conducted with two of our granddaughters out in the front yard.  It seems I had ran across a design that is still out there today for a “Windshield Shade Solar Cooker” and decided […]

Springtime, 2011, Almost Upon Us…

Ayup, the 20th of March is only 19 days away again. Time to start organizing some of my “pipe-dreams” into actual “plans”. About this time last year, I had “planned” to build a Solar Food Dryer – then discovered life had, once again, taken over in the form of a pinched nerve followed by this […]

Quite a winter…

Its been a spell since I updated the Outdoor Cooking blog and starting to feel a bit guilty about it. Haven’t been doing so much Outdoor Cooking myself of late as enjoying the efforts of Jeff, our Son-in-law.  Turns out he loves to cook too and has had “free reign” out our setup out back. […]

Hitch in the old “giddy up”?

There is nothing that can spoil summertime fun like a pinched nerve in the old lumbar. 🙁  Fortunately that stuff is now all over with, but it sure messed up a lot of fun I had planned for September. The good news is – in SoCal outdoor cooking is a year round event! 8) My […]

Preserving food…

One of the absolute oldest means man has used for preserving food to be used later is simply removing the water/liquid from it by drying it. In a previous post I mentioned an interest in building a solar food dehydrator and that is slowly climbing up the old ToDo list this summer.  Speaking of “summer”, […]

Sometimes it just turns out perfect…

Golfers talk about hitting “the sweet spot”, Football and Baseball players talk about being “in the zone” – me? I just kick back and enjoy it when it happens…. Ever had one of those sessions out in the back yard grilling where the weather was perfect, the birds were singing, and the food just flat […]

Random summer thoughts

We are having an incredibly mild summer thus far around the old Pondee – temperatures are averaging a good 10 degrees below normal for July this year and we are really enjoying it to its fullest.  Getting a lot of little projects taken care of and that old grill seems to get fired up every […]

Seasoning the Lodge Combo Cooker

The pre-seasoned Combo Cooker probably “could” be used out of the box, but I was raised by my grandparents and to do so would simply go against the grain, not to mention those “this is how its done” mental tapes recorded so many long years ago and which still pop-up for instant replay today. 8) […]