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I blinked, and suddenly its 2018…

Amazing how much is going on in life and how few times I’ve actually visited this old blog over the past few years.  Still love to cook and eat – but was so successful I/we are pretty well cooking the same things in the same fashion outdoors.  We do have new toy’s for indoor cooking, […]

And just like that – its July?

I remember my own grandparents commenting on how time seems to just fly by as you get older.  Well, guess I’m finally there – loving life, however seemingly fleeting it is.  Had a big spring, with grandchildren’s graduations and birthdays to attend/support and oh so many other events/activities.  There have been a few perturbations along […]

March, 2017 – ALREADY?

Had to back off the old blog for a bit.  Had cataract surgery and a new lens implant done in the first part of November, then a repeat done on the other eye in the first week of February.  What an incredible difference it has made.  Feel like I have quite a bit of my […]

Has it really been almost a year???

…..Since I last updated the old Blog? Wow… Going to have to fix that. We haven’t really done a lot with outdoor cooking that wasn’t a repeat of previous posts, but did a LOT of it.  Our Son and family visited from Florida this summer and we had a GREAT time.  At one point, I […]

Happy Thanksgiving…

Mother Nature cut us a little slack around the old Pondee today and held off on the rain that had been threatening to pour on our Thanksgiving Day in predictions all week, (until late last evening when our local Meteorologist, John Coleman, informed us it would all blow right through San Diego County).  Sure enough […]

Hybrid Grill is assembled…

…and I didn’t have a thing to do with it. 😉 After a “lost weekend plus”, fighting this “bug” that is going around, I felt good enough last night to ask Heidi if she would mind if I assembled the new grill in our living room today – rather than outdoors – she agreed that […]


Winter has arrived, (or at least the SoCal version that “passes” for Winter here), and along with it came cold/flu season.  Not spending a lot of time outdoors, nor assembling the new grill. Think I will spend a little time indoors baking some “No Knead” bread instead… 😉 In the mean time, Happy Trails to […]

Time for a new propane grill…

Gave it a few weeks, and last night Heidi came in and simply said “we need a new grill, the tents on that old one are just about gone”.  Since I came to the same conclusion a few weeks ago, thinking it might be time to retire/replace the old one – have been out on […]

October 21st, Maintenance time…

First I have to say – my family has enjoyed one of our best outdoor cooking years in 2011, and it isn’t over yet! 8) Our Son-in-law, Jeff, has turned into another family outdoor chef when it comes to smoking and grilling.  He prefers charcoal grilling, but is equally proficient with the propane gas grill […]

Random thoughts and plans…

We have just finished our first “heat wave”, (such as they are in SoCal), and while the rest of the Nation continues to combat a REAL heat wave, the temperatures here are back in the low 80s for the next week or so.  Time to get busy and re-start several of my projects placed on […]