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Amateur Radio – Public Emergency Service

Our History: Believe I’ve mentioned it before, but it was the “Cedar Fire – October, 2003” in San Diego County that definitely drove home the need to expand our ability to gather emergency information.  The fire stopped 1 mile from our home, but burned heck out of a lot of the community of Crest – […]

Fideo Laredo (Pondee style)

Recipe: Fideo Laredo Found this one on, (link goes to correct page), and it sounded so good – just had to try it.  First, in our kitchen, then later on will make some more tweaks and give it a shot outdoors. 😉  This is the picture on-line that attracted me. “Fideo” is Spanish for […]

Solar Cooking – Impossible Coconut Pie II

While I enjoyed our previous (first shot at) Solar Impossible Pie, I KNOW that our family will enjoy following a dessert recipe even more. Among all of those types of recipes gleaned off of the Internet, the MOST popular seemed to be Impossible Coconut Pie, then I happened across “Impossible Coconut Pie II” found on […]

Solar Cooking – Ham & Cheese Impossible Pie

OK, given yesterday’s adventure resulted in our bringing home our very own All Season Solar Cooker, I decided it was time to finally try it out. (“Let’s find out what this Galaxy Class Starship can do!”). 8) Ham & Cheese Impossible Pie Ingredients Hormel Smoked Ham (small 5 oz can) 1/2 cup finely diced onion […]

Solar Cooking – Building the All Season Solar Cooker

Early in the Spring this year, I joined the San Diego Solar Cooking Club and have found it a most enjoyable experience as posted in previous “articles” here.  The club schedules its meetings and events via their group on (a free Internet Service). Yesterday morning, Heidi and I traveled up to Northern Escondido to […]

Retained Heat Cook Box… 1st try failed

This year I have already had a lot of fun researching Solar Cooking, Solar Food Dehydration, Solar Energy, and now Retained Heat Cooking. Have mentioned it before, but when I was a lad, I once overheard my Granny Davis describing a “hay box” she used during WW II which had the same general effect as […]